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This site is Eigil Moe´s personal blog and website. Thanks for dropping by. I´m sorry it´s written in Norwegian, but you may read a bit about me here.

My name is Eigil Moe and I´m from Drammen, Norway. My work place is in Oslo, where I run my own company called Eimoe. Situated in Henrik Ibsens Gate 100 in central Oslo. I used to live in Oslo, while studying Informatics at the University Of Oslo. Later, I moved back to Drammen, where I worked at Siteman AS, before I was offered partnership at Spekter.

Eigil Moe


Web development has for me become a passion and nothing makes me more happy than well developed web sites. Web sites with great design, correct code (the recommendations from the W3Cthis site meets the recommendations) and a good user experience is something you don´t see every day. So when you do it´s worth spending a minute or two at that place exploring his/hers code and structure.

Rock ‘n’ roll star

I was formerly the lead singer in the band Dead Sheriff. A so-called hard rock band and we kept it going for almost 10 years. During this period, we´ve played several concerts around and released a couple albums at the record companies Facefront/VME and Dionysus Records.

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